About me

I’m a British writer and translator with a focus on art and heritage, literary and genre fiction, and literary non-fiction. My monograph Matisse: The Books (2020) is published by Thames & Hudson (UK) and the University of Chicago Press. My translations from French include thirteen novels, numerous short stories and over 30 non-fiction titles: art monographs, exhibition catalogues, decorative arts, interiors and design, travel writing, and travel guides.

Much of my work celebrates cultural heritage, from literature, artworks and monuments to the intangible heritage that enhances everyday life around the world: decoration and textiles,  ancestral crafts and skills, food, rituals, beliefs, stories, songs… A celebration that extends to my non-fiction translation practice, for leading French and francophone museums, cultural institutions, publishers of art and travel books, luxury houses, and private cultural foundations.

I hold an MA in English, literary translation and art history from the University of Cambridge (Queens’ College) and an MPhil. in literary translation and art history from the University of London Institute in Paris (ULIP).

I worked in book and magazine publishing in London (see ‘Other lives‘) before moving to France and gradually shifting to translation and research/writing.

In still other lives, my Seine-side guest flat overlooking Fontainebleau forest, and my beloved toe-hold in the old home town of Monmouth, SE Wales, are each available to travellers in search of a space to work, rest and play.

About my T-shirt

Art Girl Rising is an activist group promoting the presence of women artists in museums and galleries, and women in contemporary art. My namesake is of course the amazing Louise Bougeois, art’s very own Spiderwoman and the subject of a fascinating book by Jean FrĂ©mon, published in English by Les Fugitives (tr. Cole Swenson).


Society of Authors / UK Translators Association
Member since 2005, elected committee member, 2016-18.
Institute of Translation & Interpreting
Qualified member, by examination, 2001: specialist subject Art History.
Accredited external translator (by examination, 1999).


E-mail: lalaurie.rogers@gmail.com

Twitter: @LLalaurie


3 comments on “Welcome

  1. artmoscow says:

    Hi, I discovered you on twitter when you liked my comment on mannerists and then I discovered your blog – and it is a rare pleasure! Plus, Matisse is one of my favourites. Even his tiniest work is worthy of an essay about it. Very nice to meet you!

    • Louise Rogers Lalaurie says:

      Thank you! I enjoyed your post about paintings of the ‘Rape of Europa’ – a subject treated by Matisse, including a drawing in one of hislivres d’artiste, discussed in my book.

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