• A short reading from Gabrielle Wittkop’s novella Murder Most Serene (Wakefield Press).
  • In conversation with Scott Esposito (Conversational Reading), about my translation of Jean Rolin’s The Explosion of the Radiator Hose (Dalkey Archive Press).
  • On co-translating The President’s Hat by Antoine Laurain (Gallic Books).
  • Talking about translating with blogger Silvia_reads.
  • Hubert Haddad’s moving short story Spring Breeze, published for the Guardian‘s European ‘grand tour’, spring 2011.
  • The Fondation d’entreprise Hermès, supporting the contemporary creative arts, traditional artisan skills, training and biodiversity.
  • My translations and voice-over for the Louvre’s online series ‘A Closer Look’:  interactive modules on The Virgin and Child with Chancellor Rolin, by Jan Van Eyck, and the ancient Greek Titeux Dancer.

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