Short stories, extracts, anthologies

Sonofabook #2 from CB Editions

My translation of an extended extract from Gabrielle Wittkop’s posthumous work Chaque Jour est un arbre qui tombe (‘Each Day is Tree That Falls’ – Gallimard/Folio, 2006) is published in Sonofabook #2 from CB Editions, guest edited by Sophie Lewis. As rich, strange and darkly beautiful as anything in Wittkop’s writing. Great to see it in print!

Novel of the World

Delighted to have translated two short stories from francophone Africa, by Fatou Diome (Senegal) and Yolanda Mukagasana (Rwanda) for this global anthology of stories about women and food, published for Expo 2015 Milan.

Fiction France

Translated extracts from novels by Catherine Bessonart, Yannick Haenel, Antoine Laurain, Hubert Haddad, Yves Ravey, in this bi-annual anthology of new French writing, published by the Institut Français in London and New York (2007-2012).

Music & Literature

‘A conspiracy of detail’ by Antoine Werli, tr. Louise Rogers Lalaurie, in Music & Literature 2, celebrating the work of László Krasznahorkai. Published by Taylor Davis Van Atta, edited by Daniel Medin.

WLT cover
World Literature Today

‘Mexico City’ by Jean Rolin, tr. Louise Rogers Lalaurie in Four legged fictions, WLT volume 87, no. 4, July 2013.

An excerpt from Jean Rolin’s canine-themed memoir/travel anthology Un chien mort après lui (‘A Dead Dog After Him’), P.O.L. Editeur,  2009. For more from the book, see Dog Days on this blog.

The Guardian

Hubert Haddad’s short story ‘Spring Breeze’, trans. Louise Rogers Lalaurie, in ‘New Europe: France‘, March 25, 2011.

Sous le manteau
: short stories by Delphine de Vigan, Serge Joncour, Anna Rozen, Philippe Jaenada

Flammarion’s anthology of imaginative, erotic short stories by four leading French contemporary writers. My first literary translation, published in 2009.

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